If you find yourself asking, what's the best way to sell my house? Orange County residents like yourself can find a more convenient way to sell their property fast. Property owners can easily spend hours of time trying to sell their homes.

Sell My House Orange County | Fast, Simple, and Stress-Free Process

Our first goal is to ensure that we are the best match for you and your scenario.

Going virtual may be the solution to selling your house swiftly. You can reduce stress, save time, and avoid closing costs for your home. Here's how you can sell your Orange County home fast.

What Is Virtual Selling?

Bad rental tenants, excessive home maintenance, and work relocation are just a few of the many reasons people need to sell their property. Whatever your reason, virtual selling can streamline the process and save you valuable time.

Virtual selling allows you to sell your home online without doing the legwork in person. We work closely with homeowners to assess their residences via interviews, video tours, and more.

Unlike traditional selling, we can make a cash offer to your home and avoid an agent’s expensive fees and the inconvenience of a physical open house. We aim to help our clients sell burdensome houses fast, including rental property. Our virtual selling team will make your life easier and work hard to find a home buyer without agent fees.

Virtual sales are the most convenient and effective way of selling houses in Orange County. We’ll collect important property info so we can create an accurate cash offer and property listing for your home.

Here’s how the online selling process works. First, sign up for our app and enter your property information. This includes uploading pictures and videos of your home, to give us an idea of its condition and size.

Next, you’ll speak with a local agent who will interview you about the best qualities of your home. Once we have a good idea of what your home is like, we can provide a property listing and a fair all-cash offer.

Selling your home virtually has several advantages over selling it in person. One of the main benefits is convenience. We provide real estate solutions for houses of all kinds, including those that are in terrible shape. We pride ourselves on finding the right buyer for every property out there.

In the past, selling a vacant house or another unwanted property has often involved an extensive cleanup session. To get your home presentable, you would need to pay for junk removal, cleaning, and more.

Online, you can avoid all that hassle and sell your home in as-is condition and at market value.

We can connect you with homebuyers who are searching for property in your area, such as an Anaheim house. Our app enables people to buy houses in Orange County with cash quickly. A fair cash offer can be hugely beneficial by speeding up the closing process.

After we inspect your home, DirectPads can make a free cash offer for your Orange County area home at market price. If this, however, does not work, we can list your property at a discount with all the services you would get with a full-time real estate agent.

There’s no obligation whatsoever to sell your house even once you receive this offer. Again, you may also move forward with a home listing instead of selling to us as a cash buyer.

We specialize in helping homeowners sell any Orange County house fast. To learn more about our services and how to sell your property quickly in Orange County, CA, contact our team at DirectPads today!

We Make Things Simple

DirectPads is one of the simplest ways to sell your home!

Our contemporary approach is centered on one thing, that is you! We take a personal, hands-on approach to home buying and selling, even making it enjoyable.

We’re shaking up the real estate market by providing an amazing customer experience for on-demand buyers and sellers. We have a living room understanding of the people who live in those homes and we use our experience to help you buy houses in Orange and sell a home in the most efficient way possible.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1

Download the DirectPads app and enter the address of your property.

Step 2

Upload videos and photos of your property, then use the app's video calling feature to give a real estate agent a virtual tour.

Step 3

Chat with one of our real estate agents on the app and respond to a few questions about your home. Tell us a little about your home and answer a few questions for us, including what you are looking for in a cash offer. It only takes a few minutes.

Step 4

A real estate agent will send you a fair all-cash offer on your Orange County house and an additional listing fair all-cash offer for your property, and you can decide which is best for you.

Download the app

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It’s really that simple!

If you decline the cash offer—no problem, we’ll list your home for you at a discount using our market-based pricing.

Why DirectPads?

Here's why:

Selling with Us

Selling with Us

  • All-cash offer Directly from us
  • No hidden fees
  • Our offers are market value
  • Free 100-point inspections
  • No appraisals
  • One point of contact – a DirectPads Customer Specialist

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Want to Test the Market? List with Us! It’s much Cheaper Here.

Listing with us means excellent service and saving money using our market-based pricing. The DirectPads advantage includes:

  • Free professional photos.
  • We’ll take care of minor repairs to ensure the home is show-ready.
  • If your home sells quicker than expected, then we discount our fees even more.
  • Discounted escrow fees, and so much more.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are there really no showings?

There are no public showings. Our initial contact is directly within our app through a video call. Once we come to an agreement—we’ll have our inspector visit the property along with one of our DirectPads specialists to finalize the transaction.

What about closing timeline?

You choose when you’d like to close. We offer plenty of flexible solutions that are designed to accommodate you, the seller. If you want to close within a week or even a few months, we’ll make it work.

Are there really no repairs?

With no lender requirements and no appraisals, no repairs are required.

Get Started With Us Today

For years, millions of Orange County home buyers have trusted DirectPads to help them sell their Orange County house and get the cash offer they deserve.

DirectPads provides a comprehensive list of properties for sale, as well as the information and tools needed to make smart real estate decisions. We are the number one choice to sell your house now more than ever.

We have served many sellers looking for a cash offer on their Orange County home as a trustworthy real estate investment company. We’ve gotten to know each and every homeowner, personalized our services to their specific needs, and assisted them in selling their home quickly and successfully.

Find out what choices you have to sell your house. Contact us today to see how we can assist you!

User Review

  • It's a matter of time until all sales are done this way.

    Candice T Homeowner
  • Covid was some scary times. The fact that the entire sale was done through an app was nuts and increidble.

    Marsha J Homeowner
  • It was an easy experience. The tech is awesome. No one calling or texting me directly.

    Joey F Homeowner
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