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Our first goal is to ensure that we are the best match for you and your scenario. Sell House Fast for Cash or List Virtually!

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Instant Cash: Sell House Stress-Free!

Picture this: You make the decision to sell, and in just a matter of days, you receive a cash offer. No need for repairs, no house showings, no hidden fees, and no prolonged uncertainty. Experience a seamless, stress-free process from start to finish.


Quick Cash, No Closing Costs

Sell your home in Los Angeles easily and keep all the cash without worrying about closing fees.


You're in Charge: No Agent Fees, Your Schedule:

With Directpads, you're in control. Avoid agent fees and sell when it suits you for a stress-free experience.


Pick Your Moving Day with Ease:

Moving made easy. Choose your moving day effortlessly when you sell with Directpads.


Sell As-Is, No Hassle:

No need for repairs or inspections. Web buy house as is in Los Angeles, Sell your property as it is for cash


Guaranteed Easy Process:

Enjoy a hassle-free journey from offer to closure. Directpads ensures a smooth selling experience.


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List your house effortlessly on our app and connect with the best cash home buyers in Los Angeles California.

Sell to Cash Home Buyers

Sell House Fast in Los Angeles With Us

Los Angeles is decked with real estate buyers. If you’re wondering, “When do I sell my house in Los Angeles?” the first step is to explore your options with DirectPads.
Made up of 18.6 million residents, Los Angeles is the place to be if you’re into year-round sunshine, beaches, nature parks, hiking, entertainment, and hospitality. Pricier neighbourhoods are found in Los Angeles, making it the third most expensive place to live in the US. However, if you’ve been pondering, “How do I sell my house fast?” Los Angeles has a versatile housing market with stunning properties people are always interested in.

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Directpads Expert team

Fast Home Sales with DirectPads

Our team at DirectPads in Los Angeles is here to help. Selling your house can be a challenge, especially if you go through a traditional real estate agent. Those who are looking to buy houses in Los Angeles can be connected to potential sellers who wish to sell a house fast in. We aim to get your property listing in front of as many people as possible so you can make a quick sale.
Read on to learn more about DirectPads’ property solutions for houses in Los Angeles.

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List Your Los Angeles House Online!

List your Los Angeles property hassle-free with DirectPads. Our simple app connects you with buyers without in-person showings. No hidden agent fees, and you can see offers as they come in.

Sell House Online to Cash Home Buyers in Los Angeles

Easily list your house virtually using the DirectPads app and connect with cash home buyers in Los Angeles, Here's How it Works.


Step 1

Download the DirectPads app and enter your property’s address.


Step 2

Upload videos and images of your property, then give us a virtual tour using the app’s video calling feature.


Step 3

Chat with us using the app and answer a few questions about your residence. Tell us about your property and what you like about it, and what you are looking for in a cash offer.


Step 4

Get a cash offer for your property and choose the best option for you.

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Why Sell House with DirectPads?

Here's Why

No hidden fees

No appraisals

Our offers are market value

Free 100-point inspections

One point of contact – a DirectPads Customer Specialist

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Listing with us means excellent service and saving money using our market-based pricing. The DirectPads advantage includes:

Free professional photos.​

No appraisals

We’ll take care of minor repairs to ensure the home is show-ready.​

If your home sells quicker than expected, then we discount our fees even more.​

Discounted escrow fees, and so much more.​

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Most Frequent Answered & Questions

Q: Is there a cost associated with the requesting an offer?

Receiving an offer from DirectPads is free with absolutely no obligation to sell. We’ll provide you an offer and if that doesn’t work out—don’t worry, we’ll list your home on the open market value at a discount.

Q: Are there any hidden fees?

A: Our model is providing full transparency. No hidden fees and no gimmicks. While normal investors charge for almost everything, we cover all closing costs. 

Q: Will you still buy my house if it needs repairs or renovations in Los Angeles?

A: We buy houses as is in los angeles, including single-family homes, condos, townhouses, multi-family properties, and more.

Q: Are there Llimits on what types of preperties we can sell

A: No limitations. We buy land, commercial, and residential properties. If you own multiple properties you are trying to sell—you can list them all through the app simultaneously.

Q: How does the closing process work?

A: Once you accept our cash offer, we'll work with you to choose a closing date that suits your timeline. On the closing day, we'll handle all the necessary paperwork, and you'll receive your cash payment.

Q: What types of properties in Los Ageles does DirectPads buy?

A: We buy houses as is, even if they're not in great shape, in Los Angeles. This includes houses, condos, townhouses, and land. Whatever the condition or situation, we're prepared to provide a fair cash offer.

Q: What is Virtual Selling?

A: Simply put, virtual selling is the process of listing and selling your home over the Internet and from a distance. Unlike other real estate firms, we bring a comprehensive network of companies and services to the table with a single goal, which is to assist you in completing a safe and successful home sale.

With DirectPads, you’ll have all the home selling options you need to sell your residential property safely and confidently, including comparable homes, from the comfort of your own house, or anywhere else for that matter, without losing home value.

Q: How can i sell my house fast in Los Angeles?

Many of our clients need to sell their homes quickly in order to prepare for a move or fund a necessary purchase. When selling your house fast, it's important to be mindful of closing costs, realtor fees, and other concerns.

At DirectPads, we buy houses for cash. After our initial assessment of your home, we provide a cash offer at market value. However, if you aren't interested in accepting the offer for your house, we can still proceed with listing your home at market prices with full realtor services.

We request your property address, photos and videos of your home, and answers to some questions about size and amenities. We are proven reputable cash buyers, and we can provide proof of funds to show our ability to pay in cash.

Q:Sell my house in Los Angeles even if it's been on the market for a while?

A: Yes! We'll help you sell your home quickly, regardless of how long it's been listed.

Q:What if my Downey property has an existing mortgage?

A: No worries. We'll figure it out together. Directpads can guide you through dealing with existing mortgages or liens.

Q: How do i sell my house as is virtually?

A: Selling your home as is virtually has several advantages over selling it in person. One of the main benefits is convenience. We provide real estate solutions for houses of all kinds, including those that are in terrible shape. We pride ourselves on finding the right buyer for every property out there.

In the past, selling a vacant house or another unwanted property has often involved an extensive cleanup session. To get your home presentable, you would need to pay for junk removal, cleaning, and more.

Online, you can avoid all that hassle and sell your home in as-is condition and at market value.

We can connect you with homebuyers who are searching for property in your area, such as in Long Beach house. Our app enables people to buy houses in Los Angeles with cash quickly. A fair cash offer can be hugely beneficial by speeding up the closing process.

Q: How Do Virtual Sales Work?

A: After we inspect your home, DirectPads can make a free cash offer for your Orange County area home at market price. If this, however, does not work, we can list your property at a discount with all the services you would get with a full-time real estate agent.

There's no obligation whatsoever to sell your house even once you receive this offer. Again, you may also move forward with a home listing instead of selling to us as a cash buyer.

We specialize in helping homeowners sell any Orange County house fast. To learn more about our services and how to sell your property quickly in Orange County, CA, contact our team at DirectPads today!

Q: What Are The Benefits Of A Cash Payment?

A: Selling your home traditionally doesn’t allow immediate access to the money. It usually takes some time to close a sale in Los Angeles. When we pay cash in Los Angeles, we simplify the process and ensure that you have liquid assets for your next major purchase.

We offer support with a 10,000 cash advance before closing, which can make a huge difference if you need the money for an investment or a major purpose.

You can close in as little as 2 weeks, headache-free. You’ll pay no closing costs and be able to begin your next chapter with the funding you need. Contact us today to get a cash offer to sell your house in Los Angeles today!

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DirectPads provides a comprehensive list of properties for sale, as well as the information and tools needed to make smart real estate decisions. We are the number one choice to sell your house now more than ever.

We have served many sellers looking for a cash offer on their Los angeles home as a trustworthy real estate investment company. We’ve gotten to know every homeowner, personalized our services to their specific needs, and assisted them in selling their home quickly and successfully.

Start now to get a fair cash offer for your Los Angeles home. Simply complete the form, and one of our staff will get back to you right away. It's time to unlock the equity in your Los Angeles house, so use Directpads to sell your home fast and without hassle.