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Sell Your House Fast in Irvine, CA Virtually

Are you wondering, "How can I sell my house fast in Irvine?"  Selling a house can be a difficult and time-consuming process, but with our skilled team on your side, you can sell your house fast. Get Cash for your house in Irvine quickly and without the usual hassles, We at DirectPads know your need for a fast cash offer and provide a  streamlined procedure to meet it. Goodbye to time-consuming repairs, and unsure buyers!

Our Simple and Transparent Process

How Do I Sell My Irvine House With DirectPads?

We've simplified the home online selling process to ensure a seamless and speedy experience for you. Our team of experienced professionals knows the local market inside out, enabling us to determine a fair and competitive cash offer for your house. Forget about waiting for months to close a deal - we can complete the sale in a matter of days if needed.

Here’s How It Works

1. Fast evaluation:

Our team of local experts will assess your property promptly, considering its condition, location, and market value.

2. Receive a cash offer:

We'll present you with a fair cash offer for your Irvine house. No obligations, and no hidden fees.

3. Choose your closing date

If you accept our offer, you can select the closing date that works best for you. We adapt to your timeline.

4. Get cash in hand:

On the agreed-upon date, we'll finalize the paperwork, and you'll receive your cash payment. It's that simple!

Process of Selling house in Irvine With DirectPads
Sell house as is

Sell Your Irvine House As Is For Cash

Sell your Irvine house fast and get a fair cash offer with DirectPads! We make it easy – no repairs needed. We buy houses in any condition. Our team evaluates your property and offers a competitive cash price with no hidden fees. Stay informed every step of the way. Sell hassle-free with DirectPads!

Why Should I Sell My House With DirectPads?

When you choose to sell your house fast with us, you avoid the typical stresses and delays that come with traditional real estate transactions. There are no complicated contracts or hidden fees - just a smooth and efficient process designed to give you the best possible outcome. DirectPad has the knowledge, resources, and technology to virtually manage all aspects of your real estate transaction in Irvine, allowing you to sell your house from the comfort of your own home without losing its value.

We Make Things Simple!

Our contemporary approach is centred on one thing, and that is you! We take a personal, hands-on approach to home selling, even making it enjoyable. We’re shaking up the real estate market by providing an amazing customer experience for
on-demand sellers. We have a living room understanding of the people who live in those homes, and we use our experience to help you sell your Irvine home in the most efficient way possible.

The Direct Advantage!

Our motto is simple and straightforward, "We’ll offer you a CASH offer on your home, or give you selling options to list at a discount. Either way, you win!"

Traditional Broker

Listing fees
Industry uncertainty
Price haggling
Long term contracts
Public showings
Open houses
Potential loan issues


No Fees, including
agent fees
Contactless transaction
Free 100 point inspection
Close on your timeline
The highest off-market asking price
All Cash


Hidden fees
Low offers
Minor repairs
High risk of cancellations
Hidden loans

Hassle-Free Home Sale

Many benefits come with selling your Irvine property quickly through Directpads, making the process quick, easy, and profitable: 

No agent commissions or fees | DirectPads

1. Quick closing. We know your desire for speed. We’re committed to finishing the sale quickly and delivering cash into your hands as soon as possible. So if you’re thinking, “I need to sell my house fast in Irvine, CA,” don’t hesitate to contact us.

2. No repairs or renovations needed.  Sell your houses as-is, so you won’t have to spend time or money on repairs or renovations.

3. No agent commissions or fees: Selling straight to us saves you money on real estate agency commissions and fees.

4. Private and discreet. We value your privacy. With us, you won’t have to endure open houses or numerous showings.

5. Simple and stress-free process. We know your desire for speed. We’re committed to finishing the sale quickly and delivering cash into your hands as soon as possible.

Sell My House Fast In Irvine!

Start now to get a fair direct cash offer for your Irvine home. Don't let worries about a slow house sale weigh you down. If you're thinking, "I need to sell my house fast in Irvine, CA," Simply complete the form below, and one of our staff will reply immediately. It's time to unlock the equity in your Irvine house, so use Directpads to sell your home fast and without hassle!

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        If our cash buyer offer does not suit you, no worries! We will list your home at a reduced price, and you will still save money.

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        Is There Other Option To

        Sell My House Fast in Irvine, CA?

        If our cash buyer offer does not suit you, no worries! We will list your home at a reduced price, and you will still save money.

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        List Your Irvine House with Ease

        At DriectPads, we understand that some sellers in Irvine prefer to list their houses virtually. That's why we provide an intuitive app that allows you to effortlessly list your Irvine house from the comfort of your home. Reach potential buyers without the need for in-person showings. Our app streamlines the process and ensures a broader audience for your property.

        Download The App


        List Your House In Irvine Virtually

        We made the selling process easier by developing a seamless, virtual, and stress-free solution! Sell your house fast with DirectPads by following these simple steps:


        Step 1

        Download the DirectPads app and enter your property’s address in Irvine, CA


        Step 2

        Upload videos and images of your property, then give us a virtual tour using the app’s video calling feature.


        Step 3

        Chat with us using the app and answer a few questions about your residence. Tell us about your property and what you like about it, and what you are looking for in a cash offer.


        Step 4

        Get a cash offer for your House in Irvine and choose the best option for you.

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        FAQ: Selling Your House in Irvine, CA

        Most frequent answer & question

        Q: How quickly can I sell my house in Irvine, CA?

        A: At DirectPads, we understand the urgency of selling your house. Our streamlined process allows us to provide you with a fair cash offer fast. The actual timeline for selling your house will depend on your specific situation and your desired closing date.

        Q: Do I need to make repairs or renovations before selling my house in Irvine?

        A: Not at all! We buy houses in Irvine as-is, which means you don’t have to worry about making any repairs or renovations. You can sell your house in its current condition, saving you time and money.

        Q: How Do Virtual Sales Work?

        A: After we inspect your home, DirectPads can make a free cash offer for your Irvine area home at market price. If this, however, does not work, we can list your property at a discount with all the services you would get with a full-time real estate agent.

        Q: Are there any fees or commissions involved when selling my house to you in Irvine?

        A: No, there are no fees or commissions when you sell your house to us in Irvine. Our goal is to provide a transparent and hassle-free process without any hidden costs.

        Q: What types of houses do you buy in Irvine, CA?

        A: We buy houses of all types in Irvine, CA. Whether your property is a single-family home, townhouse, condominium, or even an investment property, we are interested in making you a fair cash offer.

        Q: Can I choose the closing date for selling my house in Irvine?

        A: Absolutely! We understand that everyone has different timelines and preferences. You have the flexibility to choose the closing date that works best for you. We adapt to your schedule, ensuring a convenient and stress-free closing process.

        Q: Is my personal information kept confidential during the process of selling my house in Irvine?

        A: Absolutely! We value your privacy and treat your personal information with the utmost confidentiality. Rest assured that any information you provide during the house-selling process will be handled securely and in compliance with privacy laws.

        Q: How do I get started with selling my house fast in Irvine, CA?

        A: Getting started is easy! Simply fill out the form on our website, Provide us with some basic details about your name, email, and property address, and our team will reach out to you promptly to discuss the next steps and present you with a fair cash offer.

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        Sell your Irvine, CA home quickly for cash! Just download our app, take a virtual tour, and see how easy it is to sell to us. Get your stress-free cash offesr with a few taps. Secure your offer now!

        Get Free Cash Offer For Your House

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